Our story

Wearcrafft (in partnership with Moss) is a “boutique” uniform supply company with 21 years of leadership in the industry. Our skilled uniform design experts work closely with our customers to develop a complete uniform program, customized to suit their budget and needs. We can boost your company’s business image and ensure employee safety and comfort by providing:

  • Stylish clothing using premium brands (presentable appearance).
  • Well-made and durable clothing (long lasting).
  • Professionally decorated (enhancing company image and recognition).
  • Employee satisfaction and safety(increased satisfaction and employee compliance).
  • Moss is a custom manufacturer of affordable garments and accessories, providing both Made in Canada and import manufacturing, depending on your needs and lead times.

Embroidery, silk screening, patches and appliqué are some of the professional decoration options we provide to our customers.

We welcome CMT contracts locally.

Our “Private Label” customers rely on our product knowledge, quality assurance systems and customer support programs, which encompass design, manufacturing, packaging and distribution. Moss manufacturing facilities are located in Toronto, Canada and overseas.

Our mission is to be recognized as an outstanding service provider in the uniform and promotional items industries. Our careful attention to serving each of our customer’s needs enables us to provide excellent customer service

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